Battle Leadership Group is a limited liability company designed to help millennials with personal and professional development, leadership training, and life coaching. 

services include leadership training, life coaching, marriage coaching, accountability sessions, goal setting, and purpose planning.

dbattlespeaks represents the speaking branch of the Battle Leadership Group conglomerate. Whenever called to speak or present, from churches to the college campus, passion and enthusiasm are felt. 

services include keynote speeches, workshop facilitation, guest lectures, adjunct teaching, pulpit supply, virtual summits, etc. 

Bible with the Battles is an online ministry to help people hear the word, believe the word, and apply the word of God to their lives. We invite you to have an organic experience with us as we navigate through the Bible together. DeMarquis & Raynika Battle are not only husband and wife, but the co-founders of Bible with the Battles.

Writing Books with the Battles is a self-publishing e-course teaching aspiring authors to take hold of their dream and write the book that has laid dormant inside of their hearts. In eight modules, we share our experience of going through the self-publishing process. Gain confidence as you write your manuscript, develop your book cover, learn the secrets of marketing, and diversify your offerings. 

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