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Here's who I am & who I serve.

My name is DeMarquis Battle. I've spent the last 15 years serving the faith community and the education domain as a pastor, speaker, professor, and servant leader. My passion is transformational leadership, delivering power-packed messages of hope and resilience, and serving the next generation of world changers.

Preaching - Pulpit supply for churches and ministry groups.

Teaching - Adjunct instruction and guest lecturing.

Itinerant Speaking - Keynote, workshop, and lecture services for faith-based groups, colleges, and universities.

Christian leadership training - facilitate leadership conversations for Christian millennial leaders.

Reach over 500K+ people with a message of hope and resilience over the next five years.

Help millennial leaders to walk in purpose and destiny through spiritual development and transformation. 

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management - Davenport University

Master of Arts in Bible & Theology - Lincoln Christian University

Master of Arts in Ministry Studies - Grace College

Over 15 years of ministerial experience

Over 15 years of higher education & administration experience

Over 10 years of keynote speaking experience

Over 5 years of experience as an adjunct professor - philosophy, 

religious studies, & liberal arts 

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